Sitecore Federated Experience Manager

This is a simple guide about how to connect your external site (non-Sitecore site) and manage it from Sitecore. This tutorial will show you a brief demo about what we can do using this cool feature.

The Federated Experience Manager  is an out-of-the-box application that allows you to add new components to the current site, track visitor interactions and generate analytics information.

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Sitecore Custom Link Field Validator

Sitecore comes with cool out-of-box field validators that can be applied to each template field, depending on its type.  Obviously we can create our custom field validators and here I will explain how to create one.

As a Sitecore developer, when you add a field in a template and want to restrict the input of content editors, applying a business logic or you just want to ensure the inserted value is valid we should definitely use field validators.

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Clean up orphan bucket folders

Sitecore has a pretty cool stuff called Bucketing which lets you store and manage huge amount of content items in one single container. I guess you already know what I’m talking about so I will skip explaining how to work with bucket items.

This post will explain how an orphan bucket folder will be removed dynamically removed when a bucketable item is deleted from the Sitecore tree using a custom event handler.Read More »