Sitecore Federated Experience Manager

This is a simple guide about how to connect your external site (non-Sitecore site) and manage it from Sitecore. This tutorial will show you a brief demo about what we can do using this cool feature.

The Federated Experience Manager  is an out-of-the-box application that allows you to add new components to the current site, track visitor interactions and generate analytics information.

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Sitecore Custom Link Field Validator

Sitecore comes with cool out-of-box field validators that can be applied to each template field, depending on its type.  Obviously we can create our custom field validators and here I will explain how to create one.

As a Sitecore developer, when you add a field in a template and want to restrict the input of content editors, applying a business logic or you just want to ensure the inserted value is valid we should definitely use field validators.

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Clean up orphan bucket folders

Sitecore has a pretty cool stuff called Bucketing which lets you store and manage huge amount of content items in one single container. I guess you already know what I’m talking about so I will skip explaining how to work with bucket items.

This post will explain how an orphan bucket folder will be removed dynamically removed when a bucketable item is deleted from the Sitecore tree using a custom event handler.Read More »

Amazon CloudFront CDN Invalidations with Sitecore

The scope of this tutorial is to show you how to manually clear your CloudFrond CDN cache by invalidating objects using a Sitecore button placed in the content editor ribbon.

Amazon CloudFront allows you to remove one or multiple files from all edge locations before the expiration date set on those files. The invalidation feature is helpful for instance an occasional update to your website’s css file, in which in order to update the file you’ll need to remove the file from Amazon CloudFront. Read More »

Sitecore Custom Time Field

Sitecore features many different fields that can cater to our requirements, sometimes however, we need to customize these fields in order for them to fulfill a specific function.

In the section bellow, I will demonstrate how to create a custom time field based in the DateTime field of Sitecore 8. Please read the steps you should follow in order to add this field, which will prove very helpful if you only need to define the time without a specific date. Read More »